Division Tricks on a School Classroom Board

Fast & Helpful Hacks for Easy Division Tricks

Getting through school and earning a high school diploma comes with many different challenges today. For many kids, some subjects seem to be inherently difficult to learn, especially since it is not uncommon for some kids to dread the subject and the learning process.

Having said that, unless the student is really good at learning and understanding the dynamics of math early, it usually gets more difficult at each progressive level. To avoid these problems altogether, students can always look and appreciate Shortcuts. Shortcuts will not only making it easy for kids to pull an ‘A’ but also to master the topic without much unnecessary hassle.

Fortunately, there are some things that students can do to learn math much more comfortable, and it entails finding fast tips and tricks to solve mathematical equations. If this is you, you may want to start your mathematical journey by seeking out tips for solving division problems. Some of these tricks for division problems are provided below.
Girl Student Doing Division in Her Head

How to Do Division in Your Head with an Easy to Learn Division Formula

If you want to get good at math, you may want to start by looking for tricks and tips that will allow you to divide better in your head. With these tricks, you do not need a pencil, paper or school boards to write on because you can do all of the calculations in your head!

In order to get good at these tricks, one of the first things that you should know is that some basic rules should be followed and they will work for you every time. Because this division tricks can be done in your head within seconds, it will also make you look like a mathematical genius, at least for these type of division problems. For instance, if you are working on a problem that requires you to divide by 5, you can use another alternative in your head to make the process faster. Here's how!
#1 - Problems with 5 as the divisor
A. Problems with 5 as the divisor = 60 / 5 = .......
B. Problems with 5 as the divisor = 80/ 5 = ........

To solve these problems, multiply the number by 2, and then divide the answer in your head by 10. Here are two examples that show how these calculations work.

Calculation for Problem A
Step number 1: 60 x 2 = 120 Step number 2: 120 / 10 = 12 Final Answer is 12

Calculation for Problem B
Step number 1: 80 x 2 = 160 Step number 2: 160 / 10 = 16 Final Answer is 16
Both of these calculations can easily be performed in your head without assistance from a pen, paper or your calculator. The basic concept behind this trick is to break up the division problems in easy to do simple steps.
Long Division on Classroom Board

Long Division (For More than 2 Divisors)

Once an individual has mastered the trick above, they can then begin to move on to double digit divisors. As the numbers begin to get bigger, more trick and tips are needed to cut down time on long division. For instance, to speed up the process of long division, you will most likely need a piece of paper and a pencil to write down each step as you go. However, you can make things much easier by using estimates with each step that is required. These estimates will eliminate the need for doing a long series of multiplications problems to come up with the next number in long division.

If you are looking for an easy way to learn division, you should look for a lot of division tricks that you can include in your learning process. These tricks are designed to make it is quick and simple to solve both small and large division problems. Some of these most beneficial tips will teach you how to do quick calculations in your head as well as calculate them more comfortably with a pen and paper.

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