6 Fast and Fun Math Activities for Preschoolers

From their first year, children have a natural spirit to explore different mathematics skills in their day to day life experience. As a busy parent, it may not be easy to recognize when your preschooler is growing interest in math. To improve their math skills, there are different math activities for preschoolers that you can use to teach your child math tricks early on. This will help to create a positive attitude towards math in your child’s education progress in an early stage. Maybe you are wondering which math activities are good for your kid... In this article, we discuss a list of fast and fun math activities for preschoolers.
Preschooler with Flower Pot doing Math Activity

1. Preschooler Play

Preschooler Play is one of the most attractive games for preschoolers. To play the game, each kid is given a flower pot. The children will have a chance to roll the dice and depending on the dice face, he or she will count the number of flowers that he or she will add to the pot. To make this game more interesting, you can use two dice. One dice is covered with white tape. On each side, you can draw a colored circle that matches the flower’s color. When a child rolls the two dice, one will indicate the shade while the other displays the number. Then he or she will count flowers of a particular color to place in the flower pot. The game has different levels making a perfect math activity for preschoolers.
Flowers for Preschooler Math Game

2. Flower Math Game

This is another excellent game for preschoolers. It is played in different styles making it suitable for all kids. To play the game, you will need craft foam, cardstock, scissors, a pencil, a marker, adhesive magnetic squares, and a magnetic surface. For full instructions on how to play the game, go to CBC.ca. Through the game, your baby will be able to notice differences between items and use their attributes to make a choice. It also helps preschoolers learn how to do simple math skills such as addition and grouping. Using the game will help your preschoolers gain essential math concepts before they can join the school.
Giant Dice for Preschooler Math Game

3. Roll and Dot the Number

Roll and Dot the Number is among the best fast and fun math activity for preschoolers. To play the game, one of the kids rolls a dice and counts the number of the dots on the surface acquired. The rest of the children help her to find the number represented on the dice on the game board and marks it. This continues until all the numbers on the board are identified. The game helps the kids to recognize a number and make the counting using dots. This also helps them to learn the one to one correspondence concept. Identifying numbers and being able to count is the most crucial step to learning mathematics. This is the reason why this activity is among the children’s favorite preschool math activities.
Toy Craft Bear for Counting

4. Counting Bears and Number Strips

If you are looking for a way to help your preschoolers learn numbers, counting and how to differentiate colors, this will be a wise choice. The game involves different charts with a different number of circles referred to as bears. The kids make the count on each chart and write on it how many bears they see. For example, if there are six bears, the kid writes “I see six bears.” It is specifically designed for toddlers and preschoolers with easy to understand the processes. Try it today and see how far it can help improve your preschoolers’ abilities in math skills. For more information on this particular activity, checkout Fun Learning for Kids.
Blocks for Counting and Measuring

5. Build and Measure Block Center

There is no mathematics without measurements. The block center is stocked with a huge wooden block. The game incorporates a measuring tape that is stuck on a wall. The kids then use the blocks to build towers as tall as the measuring tape. If you are in a search for a simple and easy to understand math activities for your preschoolers to learn measurements, this will be a perfect choice. It is a unique way for children to explore different ways of taking measurements such as the distance between different points. Munchkins & Moms has done a fantastic job putting together the idea centered around this.
Woman Teaching Kids Math

6. Counting Sticks

Counting sticks are one of the math activities that almost everyone has gone through. To play the game, you display a number to your preschoolers, and then they can count the number of sticks that represents the number. This is one of the best, simple ways for kids to learn how to count.
Math activities for preschoolers are available in a wide variety. The above list represents what is the best for your preschoolers to learn mathematics. The activities will help your preschoolers gain important math concepts that will be useful throughout their life experience with mathematics. This makes sure that your children develop a positive attitude towards math before they could join the school.

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