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Curious Facts About Math Phobia You Should Know

When we talk about school and different subjects, mathematics is not a good option for many students. Many students do not love being in a math class, and math remains a dream subject. This hatred for math may develop negative emotions such as fear of failure in the subject. As a result, the student’s performance in math becomes wanting. This is what we refer to as math anxiety. As the tension grows day by day, it turns to math phobia. If this is your case with mathematics, you need to worry no more. In this article, we discuss causes of math phobia, symptoms, and tips on how to relieve such dread.
Classroom Time Limit (Clock) – Reasons for Math Phobia

Causes of Math Anxiety

• Incompetent teachers:

this is among the leading causes of math phobia development in students. Most countries allow people to be math teachers if they pass 51% in their mathematics. This implies that someone who failed about 49% in his math exam will be a mathematics teacher somewhere. As a result, he or she will pass his or her fears of not understanding different topics to the students.

• Time limit on tests:

At times, the set time limit may pressure students, making them forget different vital concepts. It is possible that students would not have forgotten these concepts if they were not working against time.

• Insecure attachments:

students who experience insecure attachment style are more likely to experience math phobia.

• Public embarrassment:

being humiliated in front of other people is not a pleasant thing. However, this is common among students and learners when dealing with tough subjects like math. Students end up with strong negative emotions about a subject out of fear of being embarrassed in public. This is a serious issue in today's schools and Kappan Online writes about shaming in school saying "The shamed child is unlikely to reflect on whether and why her behavior was wrong; more likely she will conclude, 'I must have done wrong because you think I did.'"
Stressed and Anxious Student Doing Math

Math Anxiety Symptoms

The following symptoms can point out to math phobia:

• Panic:

students with math phobia experience a sense of helplessness when in a math class, or when dealing with homework assignments, test or taking a mathematics exam.

• Lack of confidence:

students with math phobia will always wait for other students to do the tests and give the answer to you. Realizing your strengths is one of the keys to improving confidence, as mentioned by Iris Connect.

• A passive behavior:

this is when you give up from making any further trials in maths. You feel that you aren't smart enough to be in a math class, leave alone being the best in a math class.
Teacher Answering Students' Questions About Math

Tips to Relieve Anxiety and Stress from Fear of Mathematics

In case you suffer from math phobia, consider doing the following:

• Recognize and acknowledge your math anxiety:

admitting that you are suffering from math phobia will be the first step towards overcoming the challenge.

• Know your abilities in math:

realizing the topics that you excel in will be of great help in learning advanced levels. Start low, and move up the stages.

• Select a tutor or a teacher:

whose method of teaching fits you in the best way possible. This option works best for students at college and university level.

• Do not fear to ask questions:

if you do not understand particular sections. In most cases, if you fail to understand one concept, there is a high possibility that you will not understand the succeeding levels.

• It is also good to start working out the simple and easy to understand questions first.

• Above all, take time and be attentive to every step and formula. Consider revising your style of study to make progress.

Mathematics is one of the best classes to attend in your school life when studied at the right altitude. Break the math phobia chains that are holding you from enjoying the happiness of being a star in mathematics, and welcome to the fun side of playing with numbers!

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