7 Simple Ways of Practicing Math For Kids

No matter how much some articles may sugarcoat it, the truth of the matter is math practice for kids is not as easy as other subjects are. That being said, math is not as unapproachable as it is made to seem. Most people have a preemptive attitude about math before they even tackle it. This makes them hate math without giving it or themselves a chance. The good news is that math can be easy and fun. Below are some methods, which you can use to learn and practice fast math.
Light Bulb Idea - Being Consistent

1. Consistency

Have you heard the story of the famous inventor Thomas Edison who made the light bulb? He failed 100 times while making his invention but he kept on until he finally got a working model. He said, “I have found 100 ways which do not work.” Math is like that light bulb. Chances are you will meet a lot of failure and wrong answers before you get the correct solution to your problems. However, with persistence, and consistent practice, you will slowly understand the method of solving said math problems. Once you get the hang of it, you are going to be solving math problems fast and easy.
Hourglass Fast Time

2. Keep The Time Between Reviewal and Examination Short

If you have a math test or class in the morning, make sure you do your reviewing the previous night and if possible, in the early morning. To be able to practice fast math during the test, you need to have the methods fresh in your mind. You can do this by revising as close to the test as possible.
Girl Singing Songs with Guitar

3. Use Familiar Things to Enhance Memory

Whether you learn better through audio or visual techniques, use whichever to your advantage. For example, regularly singing the multiplication tables might help you remember the correct answers always. The Japanese curriculum has proven this through the rote method of learning.

Just like the lyrics of a song you like, if you sing the multiplication table often, you will be able to notice when you get the answer wrong. It will just not sound right when you say it aloud. The benefit of using songs is that soon they become part of muscle memory and all you have to do is sing the song to find what you are looking for.
Girl Writing Math on Board

4. Know The Math Tricks

Scholars have discovered many math tricks over time. Knowing and understanding these tricks make fast math practice for kids possible in both teaching and learning. For example, when multiplying any number by 5, there are two tricks to remember.
When multiplying even numbers by 5, e.g., 5 by 4, take that number’s half and add a zero to it. This is your answer. In this case, the half of 4 is 2. Put a zero at its end, and you get 20.
If you are multiplying 5 by an odd number, subtract 1 from that number, get half of the result and add 5 to the end to find your answer. For example 5 by 9= 9-1 which is 8. Get half of 8 which is 4 and add 5 at the end to get 45 which is the answer to the problem 5 multiplied by 9.
Girl Writing Math on Board

5. Understand The Concept More Than The Solution

Most people are stuck on the need of getting the answer correct; they forget to learn the steps involved. By understanding the concept of every math problem, you will be able to know automatically which method or technique to apply in order to find the solution. Assume math is a meal with many ingredients such as a Hawaiian pizza. You can make many different meals with the given ingredients like different pastries and other breakfast foods.

However, there is only one correct recipe for coming up with a Hawaiian Pizza. Understanding this recipe is the only way to make the best pizza. To emphasize the first and second point of this article, you will also realize that at first, you may need to read from a recipe book when making the pizza. However, with time, and with enough practice, you will automatically know which ingredient goes where, when and at what portions off the top of your head.

Kaplan Learning has a fantastic blog post here that covers these ideas of using pizza for learning math more in-depth! Be sure to give that a read through if this idea interests you.
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6. Learn From Peers

Most students tend to understand faster and better when a friend teaches them. This is because they feel free to ask questions and say that they have understood. Friends may also have a more natural way of explaining a problem, one that a teacher or tutor may not have. You can also borrow past papers from them, which you can incorporate in your revision schedule.
Girls Celebrating with Positive Attitude

7. Keep The Right Attitude

Lastly, math will always be a hectic time-consuming subject with a wrong attitude. If you approach it with an open mind and a willingness to learn, you will realize that math is just as exciting as other subjects are.

In conclusion, anyone can be good and fast in math if they practice consistently and pay attention to the concepts. Getting help from friends that are better in the subject is an effective way of grasping the methods involved in solving math problems. But most importantly, it is essential to have a positive attitude towards math. With a bad attitude, math practice for kids will always be hard and impossible no matter how simple it is in the real sense. Don't believe that a positive attitude has anything to do with learning? This study from Stanford University, covered by Inc.com says otherwise!

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